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  • Product Name : To Sell P.A.G Marble Crystallizing Powder
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  •    This product can be used for crystallizing processing and regular maintenance of various marble. It can make the marble surface bright and shining and can enable the marble surface harder and more wearable. There will be no damage to the stone after long use. It will not influence the air conductivity of the stone and will not change the natural color and luster of the stone.
    Directions for use:
    1.Surface must be clean and dry. Make sure all waxes ,floor finish or other coating are removed.
    2.Mix the crystallizing powder with the clear water. In the proportion of 1 to 2 to a viscous mixture before applying it to the stone surface.
    3.Put a white or red polishing pad under the crystallizing machine.
    4.Move the crystallizing machine onto the surface, first move left and right then move up and down. Polish until the floor becomes glossy and lustrous. Each operation covers about 3~5 square meters.
    5.After a bright crystallizing surface is seen on the stone surface, scrape the pastry substance to the next operating area with a wipe. Continue to polish by adding only a bit of new crystallizing powder. Repeat such polishing till a lot of bubbles are seen on the floor and absorb them with a water sampling machine. Then, add new crystallizing powder again and operate by using the foregoing method.
    6.Repeat the above method to achieve a more crystalline and shiny effect.
    7.Clean the floor with clear water and dry the floor when the entire crystallizing operation is completed.
    This product is to be used only for floor crystallization.
    Have no injure with surroundings environment all to person.
    Prohibition against edibility.
    Keep it away from children’s reach.