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  • Product Name : To Sell  F10 Marble Crystallizing Agent
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  •     Independent use, achieve mixed effect, make the floor shining like crystal.
    Suitable for marble.
    Translucent and glossy, hard and scratch-proof, water-proof and stain-proof.
    Directions for use
    1.In order to achieve the best effect, keep the floor clean and dry.
    2.Set a 0# steel wool pad on the whitening and polishing cushion underneath the crystallization machine.
    3.Spray a proper amount of Marble Crystallization Agent on the stone surface.
    4.Move the machine onto the liquid surface and extend it over a area of 1 to 2 square meters. First move left and right then move up and down. Polish until the floor becomes glossy and lustrous.
    5.Repeat the above method to achieve a more crystalline and shiny effect.
    6.Finally use a dry dust-mop to remove the dust on the floor.
    This product only be applicable for floor crystallization .
    This product have no to injure with surroundings environment all to person.
    Prohibition against edibility.
    Do not empty into drains.
    In case of ingestion contact doctor immediately.