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  • Product Name : F10 Granite Crystallizing Agent
    Size : F10
    Country of Origin : Beijing
    Contact : Aifustone (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • This product can be used for regular maintenance of granite. Independent use, achieve mixed effect, It has renovate to the surface which has been seriously damaged.,make the floor shining like crystal.It has crystal fast ,good wearability and strong waterproof feature..
    Directions for use
    1.In order to achieve the best effect, keep the floor clean and dry.
    2.Set a 0# steel wool pad on the whitening and polishing cushion underneath the crystallization machine.
    3.Spray a proper amount of Granite Crystallization Agent on the stone surface.
    4.Move the machine onto the liquid surface and extend it over a area of 1 to 2 square meters. First move left and right then move up and down. Polish until the floor becomes glossy and lustrous.
    5.Repeat the above method to achieve a more crystalline and shiny effect.
    6.Finally use a dry dust-mop to remove the dust on the floor.
    This product only be applicable for floor crystallization .
    This product have no to injure with surroundings environment all to person.
    Prohibition against edibility.
    Do not empty into drains.
    In case of ingestion contact doctor immediately.